Recent Heavy Rains & High Water

The recent torrential downpours put Winton Woods Lake at one of its highest levels in the last 10 or so years.  Throughout Greenhills there were a number of wet basements, but overall we were spared.

Many of you may not know that Winton Woods Lake is actually known as West Fork Lake. It is controlled by the Army Corps of Engineers and helps to regulate water that flows into the Mill Creek.  This helps to minimize flooding of points south along the Mill Creek. Storm water flowing from Greenhills and points north find their way to the Lake.  In Greenhills, a lot of storm water flows from points north and west toward the back of the shopping center and then into the drainage swale that runs through our golf course.  It is quite a sight to see when the water backs up in an amount sufficient to create a small lake on the golf course!  That water eventually makes its way south to West Fork Lake.

Click here for information on Winton/West Fork Lake from the US Corps of Engineers.

I thought you might also want to know that when heavy rains are occurring is when the Greenhills Service Department checks catch basins to make sure they are clear of debris and flowing well.  They also check the storm water head walls located in the woods to make sure they are open and running.   It’s a cold wet job – and much appreciated!