It’s Pothole Season

If you drive I am sure you have noticed that as winter progresses, road surfaces seem to break into potholes!  There is a reason for that: The freezing temperatures cause asphalt to contract. Then, as the road surfaces thaw it can lead to cracks.  As cracks get bigger, water finds its way into those cracks and makes the pavement even more susceptible to freezing and cracking, eventually leading to chunks of the road surface breaking out more and more with each passing car.

There are a couple of different types of patches our Service Department uses to “fix” potholes.   One is called “cold patch” that actually comes in bags and must be heated as it is put down in a hole.   It is important that the hole is dry, which can sometimes take days!  This type of patch does not last long, but sometimes it is the only choice available.

The other method is known as “hot patch.”  There are only a couple of sources of hot patch in the winter around here – so to use this method, the Service Department takes one of the trucks to the closest location (so the hot patch stays hot) and gets a load of hot asphalt.  This method works the best but requires the entire Service staff to work on patching until the entire load of hot patch is used up.

The Service Department is constantly keeping a running list of potholes to be filled. Just last week, Service filled potholes throughout the Village and in public parking lots.

Crack-sealing is a tool that can help to prevent surface cracks from taking in water.  Crack-sealing is exactly that – cracks are sealed with a tar-like substance. It may not be very attractive on the road or in a parking lot, but it really prolongs the life of the pavement.  This summer we will be crack-sealing Junefield, Carini, and Hadley.

There are a number of streets that will be repaved this summer.  The Village will be having Foxworth and Jewel repaved.  Then, as the water main project wraps up we will be working with the pavement restoration bid obtained by Water Works to share the cost of repaving Japonica, Ireland, and Illona. In the way of explanation – the new water main will run down the center of one traffic lane, so Water Works will pay to have that lane repaved.  To complete the street paving, the Village will have the other lane repaved.