Tree & Stump Removals Will Start Soon

The Village is just about to embark on a critical component of its tree management plan – tree and stump removal. Removals and pruning are an important part of maintaining the safety of our urban forest. Trees to be removed are identified with an orange dot.  We received some calls from property owners about trees that were possibly marked in error.  Please know that we will check the health of the trees once again before we enter into a removal contract to be sure no mistakes are made. 

New plantings will follow – some this spring and some later in the fall.  In addition to other tree types, we are going to be planting 80 oaks throughout the Village this year in honor of our Village’s 80th anniversary!  Some of the oaks will be planted along the streets – such as Bachman, Burley, and Jack Molloy Lane. A number of them will be planted in our parks and greenspaces.

If a tree is removed in front of your home and not replanted immediately, don’t worry!  Your location is maintained as a future planting location on our new data base. From time to time residents request certain trees.  We try to accommodate these requests, but musts be able to adhere to a plan.  We also have a list of approved street trees.  This list is generated by specialist throughout the State of Ohio who know how to match tree types with tree planting sites.  I have attached our current list of street trees for you to see.

The planting of trees was part of the Village’s development back in the 1930s. I came across a document that identified original tree plantings in Greenhills.  I compiled a list from that document which you can view by clicking here.  It is fun to look at the list and compare it to the trees you see growing along your street.  Many of our original trees are still surviving but we continually supplement the original inventory with new trees to insure we always have our beautiful tree canopy for future generations.

Planting strategies have improved over the years. For example, we no longer plant just one type of tree along a particular street as done originally.  We diversify the selection just a bit to be sure we do not have a total loss of tree coverage as we did – for example – along Gambier with the Emerald Ash Borer disease.  We no longer plant within 10 feet of a driveway, or within 20 feet of another tree.

Always let me know if you have questions about our trees! You can contact me through

Here’s a copy of the original planting list that was used to decide what Street Trees to plant in the Village, as an example of the careful planning and selection that went into the planting of the Village’s original tree canopy:

Adelle Walk                            None listed

Alcott Lane                             Red Maple

Alcott Park                              Red Maple on outside of park, plus Honeylocust and Norway Maple inside

Andover Rd                            American Elm and Pin Oak

Ashby St                                 Ash, any species

Avenell Ln                              Ash, any species

Avenell Park                           Japanese Cherry on outside of park, Swamp White Oak on inside

Bachman St                            Pin Oak

Belknap Pl                               Pin oak on outside of park, Ornamental crabs on inside

Bradnor Pl                               Norway maple

Briarwood Ln                          Japanese cherry

Brompton Ln                          Ash, Sweetgum in circle

Burley Circle                           Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak

Burnham St                             Norway Maple

Chalmers Ct                            Sweetg um

Chalmers Ln                           Swamp White Oak

Cromwell Rd                          Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak

Damon Rd                              Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak

DeWitt St                                Norway Maple

DeWitt Ct                               Scarlet Oak, plus some American Elm

Drummond St                         Texas Oak – any variety

Enfield St                                Red Oak on north side of shopping center

                                                Londonplane in rear of shopping center

Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak in front of community building

Eswin St                                  Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak in front of Commons

                                                Londonplane in front of shopping center

Falcon Ln                                Ash, any species of Fraxinus)

Farragut Rd                             Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak from Winton to Flanders, then Sophora from Flanders to Hadley

Flanders Ln                             Sugar Maple

Foxworth Ln                           Scarlet Oak

Funston Ln                              Sugar Maple

Flanders/Funston Circle          Sweetgum

Gambier Circle                        Ash

Hadley Rd                               Thornless Honeylocust

Ingram Rd                               Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak

Jack Molloy Ln                       Pin Oak or Scarlet Oak

Winton Rd                              Pin Oak from south border to Cromwell

Sugar Maple, with replacements of American Elm and Pin Oak from Cromwell to Damon

Thornless Honeylocust from Damon to Sharon