Tree Prunings & Removals Will Start Soon

Work will begin soon on tree pruning and removals along the planting strips.  We had quite a list for removals and, unfortunately, limited funding does not allow for all of them to be addressed in this round.  An arborist has identified the priority removals, and we will do more next year.  We usually receive quite a few calls from residents when plantings and removals are going on.  But we are at the limit in both categories for this year. Of course, you can always feel free to report a problem tree – we reserve some funds for emergency situations – or request a new tree.

If a tree is removed in front of your home and not replanted immediately, don’t worry!  Your location is maintained as a future planting location on our data base. From time to time residents request certain trees.  We try to accommodate these requests, but musts be able to adhere to a plan.  We also have a list of approved street trees.  This list is generated by specialist throughout the State of Ohio who know how to match tree types with tree planting sites.