Well, no one can say Winton Road isn’t taking a beating this year! After multiple water main breaks and our crazy weather, the road surface in front of the shopping center is practically crumbling! Temporary filling of the holes is lasting less than a week. So to address the bumps and potholes, the Village has had the road milled down 1 to 1.5 inches.  That will actually provide a better temporary driving surface than what existed.

The road will be like this for a while. Asphalt is extremely expensive right now, and – in fact – plans are being completed for improvements to this portion of Winton Road. The project will go out to bid probably in July and work will start later in the summer. Milling the road is part of the bigger project to come, but pouring asphalt is an expenditure we would like to avoid if possible.

In the meantime, know that we will continually evaluate the road surface and take the steps necessary to keep it safe.

Signage will be posted to alert drivers – we can only hope they will adjust their speed, accordingly.