Winton Road Update

Construction work on Winton Road is progressing well!  Work on the southbound side of Winton Road is almost complete!  The intermediate course of asphalt has been temporarily marked for two-way traffic, and the traffic pattern change has occurred.  PLEASE RESPECT THE NO LEFT TURN SIGNS!  Traffic backs up significantly when a driver chooses to disregard the NO LEFT turn sign and sits at the intersection holding up everyone else.

We expect work to move along pretty quickly on the northbound side.  A top layer of asphalt will do down on the north and south bound lanes at the conclusion of the project.

You may have noticed a new 9-foot wide raised median strip being constructed in the center of Winton Road.  It will be planted with trees to give this section of Winton Road a distinctive look.  The addition of the median was a recommendation of the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, the goal being to create a sense that you have arrived in the heart of Greenhills.

There has been some debate on the width of the road.  FYI: when completed, both the north and south bound lanes will be one and a half feet wider than the previous road, for an overall added width of 3 feet.