Business Registration Needed

Businesses operating in the Village of Greenhills will soon be required to register their business annually with the Village. Once issued, the registration certificate must be posted in a prominent place on the premises of the business. Any business that does not comply will be subject to an administrative fine; the property owner will be fined as well. Fines not paid in full within ten days of written notice will be filed with the Hamilton County Auditor for placement of a lien on the offending property.

Unfortunately, many businesses fail to contact the Village before leasing and/or moving into a space. This leads to businesses operating in spaces that are not adequate for the subject business in terms of ingress/egress, fire protection, and other serious safety issues.

There may even be times when the situation is severe enough to warrant Village Council declaring it a public nuisance.  Once it is declared a public nuisance, the business may have their Zoning Certificate revoked – if they even obtained one; may have a sign placed on the property indicating that the property has been declared a public nuisance and declaring that the premises may not be occupied or utilized until such violation has been corrected; or may have chains, locks, or other mechanisms put in place to prevent use of the premises until violations have been corrected.