What’s coming up in Greenhills this summer?

Here are a few things coming up in the Village this summer:

  • Road repaving in the I & J blocks. This will complete the water main project that began last year.
  • Construction of the new school will continue.
  • Winton Road will have repairs and be repaved in front of the shopping center.
  • Street sign replacement throughout the Village will continue.
  • The local historic district process will continue, with a report to Council & Planning Commission due in early summer.


Well, no one can say Winton Road isn’t taking a beating this year! After multiple water main breaks and our crazy weather, the road surface in front of the shopping center is practically crumbling! Temporary filling of the holes is lasting less than a week. So to address the bumps and potholes, the Village has had the road milled down 1 to 1.5 inches.  That will actually provide a better temporary driving surface than what existed.

The road will be like this for a while. Asphalt is extremely expensive right now, and – in fact – plans are being completed for improvements to this portion of Winton Road. The project will go out to bid probably in July and work will start later in the summer. Milling the road is part of the bigger project to come, but pouring asphalt is an expenditure we would like to avoid if possible.

In the meantime, know that we will continually evaluate the road surface and take the steps necessary to keep it safe.

Signage will be posted to alert drivers – we can only hope they will adjust their speed, accordingly.

Summer 2018 in Review

It has been an action-packed summer in Greenhills! So much happened it is actually difficult to remember everything!

We definitely had a very good season at the Greenhills Swimming Pool!  Attendance was way up thanks to the 90+ temperatures! We believe the addition of a credit card machine helped, as well.  The staff had to work through an issue early in the season regarding proper swim attire. Enforcing the rules is not always a popular thing to do, but the pool staff did a great job and members appreciated their efforts!

Community Day at the pool and Member Appreciation Day at the pool were both well-attended.  The Recreation Commission did a great job with every aspect of these events!

Pool members have asked us to consider options for keeping the pool open longer at the end of summer. We will take a close look at the suggestions that have been made and see if we can work something out!

For the first time we have opted to not cover the pool this winter.   There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, pool covers are very expensive. Second, nationally, the best practice for large pools is to leave them uncovered. Prior to shutting down the circulation, the water is treated and perfectly balanced. The pool is not being neglected; with no circulation the water is going to turn dark.  It does the same thing even if it is covered.  You may wonder why we don’t drain it completely.  The reason is because a certain amount of water in the pool serves as a counter-weight against water pushing on it from underground.

Mosquitos are NOT an issue because they do not breed at this time of year. By the time breeding season rolls around in the spring, the pool will be drained, cleaned and filled for another season of swimming!

Park Talks were great this summer with more than 50 people attending a park talk for the first time.  We couldn’t help but notice that serving food was well received, so you can plan on food at all future Park Talks!

Some much-needed street repairs were completed this summer. (Driving on a newly-paved surface is always a pleasure.)  And there is more repaving planned for next year as well!

Time was spent this summer responding to and working with our residents who were the target of complaints filed against their property valuations. It was upsetting to see the lives of so many of our residents interrupted as first they had to figure out what the heck was going on, and second, they had to journey downtown to attend hearings in front of the Hamilton County Board of Revisions. Those involved were immensely grateful for Village staff’s support and assistance through this process.  And we were very happy to be there for them!

Planning for the third and final phase of repairs on Winton Road took place this summer, as did the planning for construction of the new school on Farragut.  Both projects will be underway in 2019.

Internal operations of the Village had some ups and downs this summer with the departure of our part time golf course superintendent and our Finance Director.  But I am pleased to report that both positions have been filled and the quality of my staff remains intact! 😊

May 2018 – What’s Going On?

Grass Violations

After months of crazy weather, we had a few days of rain and now with the sun and warmth – grass is growing like crazy! So far this year 99 grass violations have been issued.  Violators are informed if grass gets to a height of 8 or more inches.  If you are one of the 99 – all you need to do is cut your grass.  If you fail to do so, the Village will arrange for the cutting and the cost will be assessed against the property as a tax lien.

For those of you who are frustrated every time you pass a yard with tall grass, please know that our process requires that for the first violation notification of the year to a given address, the Village must wait for the certified mailing slip to be returned before we can take action. This can sometimes take 3 to 4 weeks.  Once that has been completed, we will NOT have to go through that process again in the same year in order to cut the grass. Typically, we only end up with about a half dozen addresses that we have to cut repeatedly in a season. The vast majority of residents remedy the violation right away.

Oak Tree Plantings have started

The first of the 80 oak trees to be planted this year in honor of the Village’s 80thIMG_1648.HEIC anniversary have been planted!  One oak was planted at the Greenhills Municipal Building on Arbor Day.  Four have been planted in front of Bargains & Buyouts, 1 on Andover island, 2 along Jack Molloy Lane, 1 in greenspace at the corner of Jennings and Japonica, and 1 on Ireland.  More plantings will take place in the fall.

You can contribute to the planting of the 80 oaks.  A contribution of $100 or more will place your name on a list that will be inserted into a time capsule commemorating our Village’s 80th Anniversary!

Purchase an Oak this year through the Memorial Tree Program and have your name and the name of the person honored/memorialized included in the time capsule. Memorial Tree Program information can be found on the Village’s website.

Drainage Issues & Repairs at Pool are almost done!

And not a minute too soon since the pool opens for the season in just 15 days! These are the kinds of projects that cause a serious lack of sleep!  But the end is in sight!  Soon you should see a concrete truck pouring new decking.  From that point, you will see obvious signs of the swimming season to come!

We also had a large portion of the deck sealed to protect the concrete and insure it lasts longer!

Residents – remember you can join the pool at a discounted rate through Memorial Day!

Golf Course

I am hoping by now you have taken the time to walk or drive to the golf course to see how beautiful the grounds look. Please take advantage of this asset by joining or playing regularly this season.  The Village would be happy to work with you to schedule a league, a party or special event at the golf course!

Soon to be completed!

The new ADA-compliant pathway and restrooms are scheduled to be completed by May 18th.  These new amenities really enhance the recreation area that includes the golf course, playground, pool, and picnic shelter.

Schedule the Picnic Shelter for your next party!

Call to reserve a date and time for a fun outing with family or friends! Call the Village to schedule your event.

Street Repairs Coming Soon!

Village Council has approved a contract with the JK Meurer Corp. to repave or crack seal certain streets in the Village. For details, read the article here!


2017 In Review

Village Council held their annual retreat on February 3rd.   This is always a productive meeting! The retreat started with a review of 2017.  Here are just some highlights of things we accomplished in 2017:

By far the biggest undertaking of the year was the start of demolition on 4 deteriorating structures in the “C” block, and everything that led up to it.  The demolition has now been completed and the Village will begin looking for a developer of single-family homes.  New development on vacant residential land will be a big boost to the economic health of the Village!

Our long-awaited restroom project went out to bid, started construction and was nearing completion by the end of 2017. A new path was added making our picnic shelter accessible.  No more walking down the slope through the grass with your picnic gear!

Dave’s Way, located in DeWitt Landing, was repaired and repaved in anticipation of the street eventually being turned over to the Village. The Village expects this to happen sometime in 2018.  Until it does, Dave’s Way is still a private drive.

Greenhills worked closely with the Winton Woods School District and the City of Forest Park to develop a “Safe Routes to Schools Travel Plan.”  This document is important because it will allow all 3 entities (Greenhills, Forest Park and WWSD) to seek grant funding from the State for a variety of sidewalk, crosswalk and traffic control projects.  The focus of the funding is to enhance the safety of children who walk or ride their bikes to school.

The Village is always looking for ways to share services with other communities when it makes sense to do so.  In 2017, we entered into a shared services agreement with Golf Manor for financial services provided to them by our Finance Director.  The agreement runs through 2018.

A unique and fun venture in 2017 was the golf cart delivery project with UPS.  Not much work was required on our part, but hopefully residents received their holiday packages a little bit earlier in the day!

The pavers around the Gazebo were lifted and reset on a concrete basis to improve the walking surface.  If you haven’t had a chance to check them out plan to do so at the Summer Concerts, starting in May!

We were pleased to establish yet another means of communicating with our residents by adding Village Headlines.   If you’re not yet signed up for these quick news items, you can do so through the Village’s website.

Most notably we celebrated and commemorated the designation of a portion of Greenhills as a National Historic Landmark!