Parking Over Sidewalks

You probably know that in certain parts of the Village, on-street parking is very limited. Within the boundaries of the original historic district, there aren’t many driveways, and just some garage complexes that front on the street with small drives.  Those drives aren’t long enough to allow a car to pull up to the garage door without blocking the sidewalk. Such driveways exist on streets such as Falcon, Farragut, Flanders, Chalmers Lane, Drummond, Brompton, Burley and Andover. The situation is not the same in other parts of town, where longer driveways and on-street parking are more prevalent.

Blocking the sidewalk is actually not legal.  However, because of our unique situations on the streets listed above, we exercise some leniency when enforcing this requirement. When out of necessity – not just for convenience – a parked vehicle blocks the sidewalk, we are typically not citing them, as long as a pedestrian can get around the vehicle without stepping off pavement into the street. Please be mindful of this when parking your car over the sidewalk! If you have somewhere other than over the sidewalk to park, you are encouraged to do so!