Sidewalk Repairs Continue…

In 2020, the Village began repairing sidewalks using a technique called “concrete cutting” to remove trip hazards less than two inches in height — a method that is considerably cheaper than replacing entire sidewalk squares. This is typically an expense of the private property owner, however, the Village is doing what it can to absorb the costs of these repairs this time around.

Due to the financial impact of the corona virus, the Village is doing these repairs in phases.  The first phase completed in October 2020 included 408 trip hazards on Avenell, Ashby, Andover, Cromwell, Drummond, DeWitt, Damon, Dayspring, Deerhill, and Chalmers. The cost to the Village was $28,700.00.

The next two phases will begin in mid-July 2021 and will include removing a combined 765 trip hazards on Adelle, Burley, Bayham, Beckford, Briarwood, Brompton, Bachman, Enfield, Ingram, Farragut, Falcon, Flanders, Foxworth, Gambier, Jennings, Japonica and Hamlin. The cost to the Village will be $57,577.19.

2020 Sidewalk Audit – 2,030 Trip Hazards Identified

Cost to Remove and Replace                $406,000.00

Concrete Cutting Method                     $155,825.00

Total Savings                                     $250,175.00

As you can see from the above table, the cost savings is significant!

During the same audit, 41 trip hazards over two inches in height were identified that will need to be removed and replaced. These include:

34 Andover                                                                  20 Damon

Andover & Burley (corner)                                        41 Damon

15 Avenell                                                                    43 Damon

24 Bachman (2)                                                            60 Damon

13 Bachman                                                                 76 Damon

133 Bayham                                                                 Ingram & Ireland (corner)

104 Bayham                                                                 14 Illona

41 Beckford                                                                 37 Illona

62 Beckford                                                                 384 Inman

6 Beckford (3)                                                             388 Inman

5 Briarwood                                                                 399 Inman

3 Briarwood                                                                 400 Inman

23 Briarwood                                                               21 Ireland (2)

6 Burley                                                                       25 Ireland                                            

10 Burley                                                                     26 Ireland

78 Burley                                                                     85 Ireland

94 Burley                                                                     101 Ireland

127 Burley

12 Chalmers Ct

Chalmers Lane (across from Palma Park)

We are maintaining a running list of the trip hazards that cannot be remedied with the concrete cutting method and they will still need to be addressed. Please remember that trip hazards continue to develop over time due to tree roots, water, settling and other natural and man-made causes.

We are working diligently to ensure the safety of our residents as they get out to enjoy our beautiful community. If you become aware of a trip hazard not included on this list, please call our office at (513) 825-2100 to report it. As always, call our office if you have any questions. We look forward to serving our residents.