Sidewalk Repair Program

Hopefully this will be the year the Village of Greenhills can begin repairing sidewalks. We will be using a technique called “concrete cutting” to remove trip hazards.  Sidewalks throughout town have already been marked for repair.  This is typically an expense of the adjacent property owner; however, the Village intends to pay for these repairs this time around.

Due to the impact of the corona virus on our finances, the Village will need to do these repairs in phases.  When we are able to get started, the first phase will include trip hazards on Avenell, Ashby, Andover, Cromwell, Drummond, DeWitt, Damon, Dayspring, Deerhill, and Chalmers.

We will make a final determination on a start date probably in September – once we are able to review our finances through the month of August.