Town Park

Residents are looking forward to a new recreational area in the heart of Greenhills! A new and exciting recreational area will be developed on the grounds of the former Greenhills Golf Course.  This beautiful land will be an amenity for all of Greenhills!

An interesting note: a town park was part of the federal government’s original plan for that property!  Hence, for now it is being called “Town Park.”

The park will have paths winding around the picturesque property, all accessible by wheelchair.  The pathways will connect the east side of Greenhills to the Village Center. The design calls for a pond, a natural prairie habitat surrounded by lawns, overlook points, a “natural” amphitheater (also part of the original plan), community gardens, and more!

This beautiful park will be a centerpiece of our community, providing a place to relax and unwind. It will become a focal point of what makes our Village so unique, and another reason why Greenhills’ residents love their great community.